Established since 2004 in Mauritius, CIDP (Centre International de Developpement Pharmaceutique) is a private and independent Contract Research Organisation (CRO). Our core business is the conduct of clinical and preclinical research for both the Cosmetics and the Pharmaceutical industries.

Trusted by the world's leading cosmetics brands, as Pierre Fabre, Isdin, L'Occitane as well as Naos, the CIDP, certified ISO 9001:2015, combines safety and reliability. Our teams of experts welcome you to evaluate the cosmetic products of tomorrow in the best conditions.

CIDP International

Since its creation, CIDP has succeeded in becoming a multinational company working for the leaders of the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

Located in the Biopark Mauritius at Socota Phoenicia, Phoenix, CIDP Mauritius is the headquarters of the group, with subsidiaries located in Brazil, Romania and India.

Our Commitment To People


Guaranteeing the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers, clinical studies are conducted according to the fundamental values of the CIDP which are: Honesty, Integrity and Accountability, required at all levels.


We deploy quality at all levels of the company through our Quality Management System (QMS). We aim to work according to a continual improvement approach by setting and monitoring of quality objectives


Our first concern remains the safety and rights of our volunteers in accordance with the ethical principles of the International Conference on Harmonisation guidelines for Good Clinical Practices (ICH-GCP).


Empowering our team members in their respective expertise is key to success and guaranty to engagement, satisfaction and well-being at work.


We undertake initiatives for greater engagement of stakeholders such as suppliers, employees and volunteers with regards to sustainability issues

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Since 2004 in Mauritius


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Mauritius, Brasil, Romania & India


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