Volunteer Data Privacy Agreement

Version 3 dated 13th July 2021

Expressed in accordance with the provisions of the Mauritian Data Protection Act 2017

  1. Operator contact details
    The operator of personal data is CIDP LTEE., based in Biopark, Socota Phoenicia, Sayed Hossen Road 73408, Phoenix, Mauritius. Telephone 4012600.
  2. Contact Data of the Data Protection Officer
    The Data Protection Officer can be contacted at the operator’s premises, at CIDP, Biopark, Socota Phoenicia, Sayed Hossen , 73408, Phoenix, Mauritius. Telephone: 4012600. Email: dpo@cidp-cro.com


A Protection of Personal Data

Art. 1. For the purpose of carrying out clinical trials:

• The Subject expressly gives his / her consent, free, specific, and informed to have his / her personal data and processed insofar as they are necessary for the conduct of clinical trials, for the fulfillment of his / her contractual obligations or for compliance with legal provisions after as follows:

  • name and surname,
  • the identity card / passport number,
  • Photocopy of the ID card/Passport (identification page)
  • For studies involving children-Photocopy of the birth certificate of the child, legal documents demonstrating custody if necessary
  • address
  • date of birth,
  • sex,
  • age,
  • e-mail address,
  • telephone number,
  • emergency contact data,
  • Bank account details,
  • images / photos,
  • video recordings,
  • data on health,
  • Skin or hair disorders,
  • ongoing treatments,
  • Physical / anthropometric characteristics;


The Subject expressly expresses his / her consent, free, specific and informed for the retention by CIDP LTEE of photocopies mentioned above.

The Subject expressly expresses his / her consent, freely, specifically and informed for the collection, storage and processing by CIDP LTEE of his/her sensitive personal data on health, and citizenship. In the case of studies involving children, the subject agrees to have personal data of his/her children collected on the same terms as defined in the agreement.

The Subject  expressly expresses his / her consent, free, specific and informed, in the sense of accepting that CIDP LTEE collects personal data through any means of video surveillance installed at its premises in order to ensure their protection and protection and those working in those locations.


Art. 2. The Subject ‘s personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

  • performing a clinical study based on a contractual relationship with CIDP LTEE
  • contacting relatives in emergency situations.
  • preparation of the contract;
  • records in the Subject Register;
  • administration of payment obligations;
  • scientific publications and research
  • photo evaluations for training


Art. 3. The Subject expressly agrees that CIDP Ltee informed him/her that his/her personal data consisting of photo images recorded by the surveillance cameras installed at the CIDP LTEE premises may be processed by the latter in the purpose of ensuring the security of the premises.

Art. 4. The Subject confirms and agrees that CIDP LTEE may divulge and transfer its Personal Data to a third country, its counterparts, state authorities, and / or other public or third-party in accordance with the Data Protection Law to perform its contractual or legal obligations.

Art. 5. CIDP LTEE will process the Subject’s Personal Data for the entire period of time required to achieve the aforementioned purposes which is 10 years.

Art. 6. In accordance with the provisions in the field of personal data protection, Subject benefits from the following rights:

  • free access to his / her Personal Data;
  • the right to information;
  • the right to restrict data processing;
  • the right of intervention on his personal data;
  • the right to object to the processing of his personal data;
  • the right to rectify his or her Personal data in the event of changes or errors;
  • the right to carry data;
  • the right to request the deletion of his personal data;
  • the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing

The Subject can exercise at any time any of his rights to access and update the data at any time, or to obtain additional information using the contact details of the Data Protection Officer / Contact Data of the Data Protection Officer.

Art. 7. The Subject declares and guarantees that at the date of signing this Agreement he was duly informed by CIDP LTEE with respect to all aspects of the processing of Personal Data, including:

a) the purpose for which Personal Data is processed;
b) recipients of Personal Data;
c) the existence of the rights provided by the applicable law in the field of personal data.

If he / she considers that the rights concerned have been violated, the Subject may address at any time, with a complaint to that effect, to the Data Protection Commissioner of Mauritius.